Picking the Right Appliances Guide

Kitchen appliances are investments, so it’s essential to be a smart shopper. You may have your heart set on a beautiful beast of a stainless steel range, but be prepared for a price tag that may hurt your wallet. Decide on your budget beforehand and then research which appliance shapes, sizes, styles and setups you want for your dream kitchen. Our guide to picking your perfect kitchen appliance can help you make a smart decision and find quality items.


This classic oven-cooktop combination suits most kitchens in both style and function. Determine your budget, available space and style ahead of time to help you decide between a standard slide-in freestanding range, a stainless steel commercial-style range, a vintage cast iron range and more.


If you’ve opted out of the standard range arrangement, you’ll need to find a separate oven and cooktop for your kitchen. This can be a great thing for wannabe chefs, since it opens up a world of possibilities: Double ovens, wall ovens, warming drawers and steam ovens can all potentially find a spot in your kitchen.


Having a separate cooktop allows for more flexibility in design and cooking. If you love wall ovens or just want to keep your baking and cooking space separate, you’ll want to find either a gas or electric range top to fit your modern home.


Refrigerators can take up a lot of visual space. Think carefully about how much room you’ll actually need for storing food before you start shopping.


Once you finally have the kitchen of your dreams, you want to make sure that every little thing looks right — including the microwave. While it’s not the most glamorous appliance, it’s a necessity for most. Some like to up the ante with built-in models, while others are content with countertop versions.

Universally Designed Appliances

Even if your kitchen isn’t in your “forever home,” it’s important to take different mobility needs into account. Elderly visitors, young children or others with limited mobility should feel comfortable in your kitchen. Part of that means choosing appliances that everyone can use and be safe around.

Eco-friendly Appliances

So many kitchen appliances today come with some sort of eco-friendly or sustainability guarantee slapped to the front of the box. But what actually makes a difference to the environment and your energy bill? Paying close attention to the size and energy output before buying a new appliance can help you save money in the long run.


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